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Why Our Clients
Like Us

There are several reasons why our clients like Damas Medical Center. Here are some common factors that contribute to client satisfaction in dental clinics:

Great Location

Situated in a prime location, Can easily reach the Center without having to travel long distances or face significant transportation challenges.


Friendly and courteous staff who greet patients warmly, respect their privacy and handle their dental needs in a competent and efficient manner

Quality Dental Care

Provides skilled and knowledgeable dentists and dental hygienists who deliver effective treatments and procedures, clients feel confident in the care they receive.

Comprehensive services

Provide preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic treatments, clients can have their dental needs addressed conveniently in one place.

Modern facilities and technology

Up-to-date equipment and techniques can enhance the overall experience, making procedures more comfortable and efficient.

Clean and comfortable environment

Center maintains strict hygiene standards, follows infection control protocols, and ensures a relaxing ambiance.

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    Happy Client
    Dental surgery
    The best dental center in Bahrain, with experienced dentists and latest technologies in the field.
    Happy Client
    Full Dental Implants

    Best dental clinic in Bahrain, wonderful staff and best doctors. Both my kids braces were done here and it went smoothly.
    Happy Client
    Cosmetic Dentistry

    A fantastic experience with Dr. Wael, such an artist, very professional, humanly rich, he made me smile confidently. Thank Dr. Wael and assistant Mariam
    Happy Client
    Dental surgery
    Really good and impressive doctor and staffs, they help a lot and make everything easier.

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    Damas Medical Center is a dedicated facility that provides a wide range of oral healthcare services to individuals of all ages.

    +973 - 1777 7511
    9am - 9pm
    building 449, Road 1109, Block 711
    Tubli, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
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    Damas Medical Center

    Honesty, Responsiveness and Effectiveness.


    We, at Damas center, are committed to offering the finest dental care, with an exceptional and prompt customer service. We will build relationships based on trust and comfort, while offering our patients sufficient information to empower them in knowledgeable decisions related to their oral health and treatment options.


    Providing the highest standards of excellence in personalized dental care, in a patient-centered environment and a friendly atmosphere, with solutions tailored specifically to each individual patient.

    Copyright 2024 by Damas Medical Center. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2023 by Damas Medical Center. All rights reserved.